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We were built to move! The expertise of a Registered Kinesiologist can help you through your injury or medical condition using movement to heal

Transform Your Life

From common injuries to chronic medical conditions, learn how movement can help you function better, at work, in your home, or on your playing field.

Live with Vigour

Feel better. Move better. Live better. Reclaim your independence and quality of life now, and into your future years.

Mobile kinesiology services on land or in the water to improve function, health & wellness.

Treatment Services

Healing and recovery from injuries and medical conditions starts with education and exercise-based solutions.

A clinically-proven form of assisted stretching that allows the body to move in ways not possible on land.

Fitness training for the active ager who wants to stay active, safe, and independent as they age.

A whole body low-impact exercise that provides benefits for health, physical activity and rehabilitation.

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Welcome to Fit to Function Kinesiology

  • Bringing mobile kinesiology services to the residents of Barrie, Innisfil, and surrounding areas
  • Working in public and condo pools, work-sites, in-home, and local community health and fitness facilities for over 16 years.
  • By employing movement as a tool to heal, you can expect to experience personalized treatment, specific to your condition or injury, at a location best suited to you.
  • You will be imparted with the knowledge and tools specific to your situation, intended to reclaim your independence for work, daily living, and recreation, and to improve your quality of life.

Let's get moving together!

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The expertise of a Registered Kinesiologist in your referral network can improve healthcare outcomes for your patients.

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Appropriate treatment and the right treatment provider are crucial when it comes to the outcome of rehabilitation.

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A targeted and cost-effective recovery approach is best to ensure a successful recovery and subsequent return to work.

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The work of a Registered Kinesiologist can benefit all those who move.

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